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The Site Owner, Justin Heinrich.

The Site Owner, Justin Heinrich.

Hello Visitor, welcome to speedeuroseries.com. My Name is Justin Heinrich. I’ve been in the boat industry for quite some time now. My family has been investors in small boat design and engines. Some of my family member are also active in yacht and boat racing and also takes part in recruiting sponsors for various racers. I have also participated in these activities and my interest is really in the overall industry of boats and yachts. I have taken some courses on ship design and boat motors. I participated also as a support crew in several yacht races. So as a pet project and to help build rapport among boat and yacht enthusiast, I set up speedeuroseriers Inc in 2014. This site is mainly about information on boat and yachts.

The site talks about the different models , including types of yachts such as daily sailing yachts and weekender ones. We also take a look at what makes “luxury” a thing about luxurious yachts and the different fabulous features. The site also shares information about ensigns. Of course, what are boats and yachts without racing, the different teams and events and the courses they travel? The goal is to give a primer on anyone interested in yacht racing. A personal favorite of mine are the engines and propulsions as well as hulls. This website provides reviews and links on information of this special part of the boating industry.

In general, the interest in sailing and navigation was always part of the human’s thirst for adventure. As part of an industry that shares its commitment in the advancement of sailing technology, I hope this blog will be a hub of information for yacht and boat lovers as well as those who work in the development of the boating community. Communicate with us at 333 Union Street, Nashville, TN 37201. Or contact us here. Sail on.